Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

Story of one heart
At the beginning of history
Our hearts were just as one.
We all had a partner
A soul our souls would share.
But we did not appreciate love
And took it for granted.
The more we said we loved,
The more we didn't show we care.
And so we were separated by time
On a quest to find each other
Through life's greatest trials
The weakest one will despair
Lonely souls have went on life
Forgetting their goal to reach
And try to fill the empty space
With everchanging things.
They look for love in various places
Hoping they'll find it there
Just like I said,
'Tis what they do,
They search and do not feel
If men and women have cause to fear
I know just what to say
It is to feel you are unloved
And all alone out here
But if we lift our hearts
To our God and King
And serve Him wholeheartedly
He'll lead us back
To whom we belong
In perfect time
In his perfect will.

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